What to Do If Your Hard Drive Fails

Calm down. Relax. Breathe. It’s not the end of the world for you quite yet! I have some good news that will give you back your smile and more than likely give you back your hard drive as well! What you and many others in your situation may not realize, is even though your hard drive has crashed the data is still there and can most definitely be recovered through a few different procedures.


When your hard drive is suffering from failure and close to destruction. You may begin to hear and witness signs of symptoms in your computer’s performance and equipment. Just as you notice a person cough, have a scratchy voice, or can’t really function as swift or effectively as they might at full health. In relation to this technical event. The signs you will notice in your computer’s performance, range from slow functions, clicking and ticking sounds, along with the inability to access certain documents that you normal could.

Physical Therapy:

If the symptoms you are experiencing are clicks and ticks. Then you are experiencing the results of physical failure. This issue occurs when the head, which is like an ink pen. Touches the platter which is like a sheet of paper. Meanwhile, once the two of them connect physically, the head ruins the platter. Just like someone taking a ink pen and shredding a sheet of paper with it. Intentionally, pressing down too heavily while writing.


If you are interested in recovering the data which seem to be loss and the damage is minor. You can remove the hard drive form your laptop or desktop computer and rotate it around a little in your hands to see if the head moves off the platter and recovers. Another solution will be to simply remove the hard disk drive from the desktop computer or laptop and then simply place the hard disk drive inside the freezer. Though this probably sounds bazaar, this has been known to work and provide a secure enough function out of the hard disk drive once reinstalled into the computer. Allowing the user to recover and save data before it is completely erased.


Do not, I Repeat do not allow the hard disk drive to operate and run if you hear clicking and ticking! This is a sign of physical failure and the longer you allow your hard disk drive to run under such conditions the worst the condition of your hard drive will become and the faster your data will be destroyed and unable to be saved. Furthermore, though you can attempt to clone your hard disk drive and retrieve the data before it is all lost forever! It is best you allow the professionals to carry such tasks, to ensure the procedures necessary are performed right!

Logical Therapy:

Logical failure is the result of software malfunctions and issues such as malware, viruses, and file errors. A logical failure may result in malfunctions in the operating system, or failure to access the drive. Meanwhile, you will hear no clicking sounds and the data is far more likely to be recovered during a data recovery process!


The Good News involving a logical failure is you can recover lost files and documents all through the use of data recovery software. Though the process may take days to render and retrieve all your lost files and they will be renamed and out of order. At least you will get them back and be able to repossess what you could have loss forever!


Warning. Do not clone your drives. Doing so will only clone a useless second hard disk drive.

As a Safety Procedure it is useful to backup your files and important documents to a cloud drive in case the same event was to happen in the future! Now with the tips provided go save your Hard Disk Drive!

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