Self Hypnosis for a Better Life

When it comes to learning how to hypnotize yourself there are multiple benefits that it can bring to your life Among these benefits are being able to overcome fears, helping to get rid of pain, being able to break bad habits and being able to achieve success. Hypnosis though is nowhere like the stuff that you happen to see in movies though. You aren’t really able to hypnotize someone into having to obey your every command. Hypnosis is more about personal domination. So whereas you may not be able to get others to obey your every command, you can still end up coming out of hypnosis feeling like a whole new person.

The first step you should take when it comes to hypnosis is finding your nice quiet and comfortable place that you will be able to go to every day around the same time. Being able to complete this step will make it to where you will be able to do hypnosis every day if you choose to do so. If you happen to be shy though the last place you would want to choose to do hypnosis is outside where everyone can see you. So chose your place to go to with your comfortability at the top of your mind.

The next step you are going to need to take after you choose your spot to go to is to make sure you are seated straight with both of your feet placed on the floor. There have been individuals that say that you can do hypnosis while laying down but this is not advised as you could end up falling asleep if you are to do so.

The third step you need to take in performing self-hypnosis is to make sure that you are staring straight ahead. While doing so you need to try and focus on something that is straight ahead on the wall. It is important that you try and choose something that is within your eye level.

The fourth step of hypnosis involves you taking very deep breaths, making sure that you are breathing from your stomach. While breathing your stomach should be the one that is rising and falling, not ur chest. Continue doing this as you continue to stare straight ahead and the object, that you have chosen, on the wall.

Your fifth step that you will need to take is as you continue to take these deep breaths imagine that on the tension that is within your body is leaving. You will begin with your toes slowly making your way to the rest of your body telling each of your muscles to relieve its tension. An important note is to make sure that you do not miss all of the muscles that are in your face. After you have completed this step make sure that you say to yourself that every muscle in your entire body is completely relaxed.

The sixth step in your hypnosis journey is to imagine that you are sitting at the very top of a staircase. Next, imagine that the staircase is taking you to the most relaxing place that you can think of. As you imagine yourself slowly walking down these stairs count backward. This is when you need to keep in kind that the further you count back the more relaxed you will get.

Once you are at your relaxing place this is when step seventh comes in. Now is the time to think of a word that will help to describe where you are at. After you come up with the word this will be the word that you can use at any time to feel the same feeling you are feeling right now through your subconscious. Now is the time that you can relax and spend as long as you want in your special place.

Once you are ready to come out of hypnosis then all you have to do is tell yourself that you are going to slowly count backward from 5 to 1. After you reach one this should be the moment where you feel extremely energized and fully awake. Once out of hypnosis spend a few minutes to allow yourself a few moments to let all the emotions come out and soak up this moment.

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