Review of Porter Cable PCCK640LB 20v Impact Driver Kit

The Porter-Cable 20-volt 1/4 inch impact driver kit has the power to do even the most difficult jobs with 20-volts of power behind it and the latest lithium-ion battery. This is a battery that can outlast others because of the newest technology adding to the power necessary for big projects. The other advantage for the person using this impact driver is its light weight design, which can keep the person using it from getting fatigued half way through the job. The fact that it comes in a kit makes it a great choice for someone just starting to collect tools by giving them what they need to do a project right away. The design of the tool is well thought out right down to the light that will shine right where it is needed while doing projects no matter how tight the spot.

Lightweight with Big Tool Power, This impact driver is lightweight and compact at 6.2 inches long and 3.2 pounds. The compact size gives it the ability to fit where larger tools will not and the lightweight means no arm fatigue yet the power needed to get projects done that require an impact driver. Most impact drivers with 20-volt power are heavy and after using them for a while it is common to need a break to rest the arm holding a heavy tool. It is not a problem with this tool that weighs less than a 5-pound weight.

The Porter Cable tool is strong to do the heavy project work that other impact drivers with less strength might not be able to do. This is an impact driver that has a high torque motor with 1450 inch pounds of torque and 35 watts. This is a lot of power in a light weight impact driver from a company that is trusted to provide quality tools.

Hex Lithium Ion battery 20-volt maximum is the latest battery technology that lasts longer than other types of ion batteries. The kit though has the added bonus of having two batteries and one charger, which means it, is possible to keep working while the second battery waits to be used. It is a big advantage having two batteries for any project using an impact driver to have full tool power. The neat thing is that both batteries come with the kit. Which usually buying a tool there is only one battery. This means having to buy a second battery separate for the convenience it can provide.

One benefit of this tool is the built in quick change that can be done with one hand and two bit magnetic top storage on the tool keeps the bits in handy reach instead of in a separate container. This means being able to switch bits fast as needed and not stop working on a project to look for the right bit or to use a chuck to tighten the bit.

The impact tool is well designed with a no slip grip and rubber bumpers on both sides. This keeps the tool from marring the surface when used in tight spots and the no slip grip is a perfect design for tight spots or working in the warm weather. Using any kind of power tool with sweaty hands means it can slip and cause damage, but the detail in the grip can keep that from happening.

The 20-volt impact driver design is complete with a built in LED light and built in belt hook. The light is amazingly bright so working in tight spots where a flashlight might normally be necessary is no longer a requirement. Instead, this tool will throw enough light to see the work. Then the design is complete with a built-in hook for carrying it on a tool belt and because of its light weight, it will not weigh down one side of the belt.

The Downside: The one problem with this Porter Cable 20-volt impact driver is the multi-stage trigger that might be difficult at first for anyone buying their first impact driver. The other problem is with the outer design, but for most people, this will never be an issue. This is the hand grips that have areas in between where dirt or grease can become lodged. The only time this might be a problem is if it is used in doing car repairs or repairs where grease could be an issue. Though, this problem is easily taken care of by cleaning the grips. Other than these two minor issues the design is perfect for using the impact tool (Learn the differences between a drill and an impact driver here). for extended amounts of time without getting fatigued. On the plus side, this tool is a workhorse for all types of projects with a great design, quick change bits, and the LED light.

The 20-volt impact driver kit is the whole package. It has the power, double batteries, and quick change bits with two bits and a compartment to hold them. The best part is the impact driver is by Porter Cable who thought of everything, even a built-in belt clip and made it light weight so doing a big project does not mean sore arms from holding the tool an extended amount of time.

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