5 Digital Alarm Clocks for Your Bedroom

Looking for even a simple alarm clock shouldn’t be that much of a hassle. Of course, with the considerable number of options from brands to styles even that can become more than a minor task. Trying to decide on what Clock fits your bedside table or bedroom wall? Here are 5 easily available on Amazon from the basic digital desk clock to the all in one Bluetooth Alarm Radio Combination.

EAAGD Electronic LED Digital Alarm Clock

This clock has a minimalist style that comes in a small number of colors and can sit on a end table or be wall mounted. It has basic features like 12hr / 24hr Display Modes and Alarm with snooze function. A nice feature is the 3 levels of Brightness that has both Manual and Automatic Adjustments. The only drawback is that it has to be plugged with either the USB Cable or AC Adapter to work.

Digital Clocks Beside LED Modern Wooden Cube with Voice Command

This clock has a sleek wood design that comes in a simple pale color. Basic features include a 12hr / 24hr Display with an Alarm. The display features the Date and Temperature with 3 level of adjustable brightness. The Clock is powered by USB Cable or 4 x AAA Batteries. The Alarm function is simple and lacks a snooze feature, but does allow for 3 different alarms to be set. Voice Control is suppose to be the selling point, but is limited to a few functions. Which is a nice Novelty feature.

ROCAM Bluetooth Digital Alarm Clock Radio

This clock will allow you to start your day with your favorite Radio Station. Being a Radio clock, it has both options of preset and programmable radio stations. The compact design with a contemporary style that comes in just one color, but its display allows the user to select different colors in nightlight mode. Basic features include Dual Alarm with Snooze and 12hr / 24hr Time Display. It also comes with Bluetooth Functionality and a USB Charge port. Comes with an AC Adapter and a Lithium backup Battery.

Ivation JID0212GRN Big Oversized Digital LED Calendar Clock

This clock has the largest Display out of the group. With the size to make it readable no matter where it is in a room. It can be easily placed on the desk or mounted it to the wall. The only features it has are the Clear Time / Date Display, 3 levels of brightness, and a memory chip that will save you time in resetting it if there is a power loss.

LED Digital Alarm Clock

This is a simple back to basics Alarm Clock that can be used by anyone. It has the basic features of 12hr / 24hr Time Display and Alarm with Snooze. Features a bigger than average nightlight for those who require some extra light. The Jumbo LED Digits are Illuminated with a Dimmer. It comes with is AC Adaptor and a battery backup using 2xAAA Batteries.

Each clock stands out on its own, but there are clearly those that clearly lead the pack. Starting with the Ivation, which is a great basic clock with a notable display compared to the other it is beaten out by the other basic clock the LED Digital Alarm. Both have clear displays for time, but the lack of an alarm feature leaves the Ivation trailing the others. The EAAGD Clock is only an upgrade to the Ivation because of it having an Alarm, but is still far behind the LED.

Which leaves the ROCAM and Voice Command at the top of the list with the LED. As cool as the Voice Command is it falls to Number 3 even with the novelty feature as the ROCAM takes the top spot. The ROCAM just edges out the LED do to the increased functionality it brings.

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